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Lesaffre is also


Today, the tremendous potential of the yeasts and natural yeast by-products that Lesaffre makes and markets provides a response to some of the major issues of the 21st century, in terms of health and nutrition, the environment, energy and more.

This potential stands out as an asset in addressing the new challenges facing industrialists, as well as the health, well-being and pleasure of the planet’s consumers.

Through these activities and the work of our dedicated business units, Lesaffre helps to use advances in biotechnology to create a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Yeasts & baking solutions

Our mastery of the fermentation process is illustrated by our lines of yeasts and baking solutions, and also in the form of technologies and services dedicated to professionals along the value chain. Not to mention the technical support provided by our network of Baking Center™.

Saf Instant

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Food taste & pleasure

Organic yeasts also have a key role to play in the world of taste and pleasure in food.
Lesaffre innovates by developing natural flavor molecules, yeast extracts that optimize nutritional, sensory and taste qualities, and alcohol fermentation solutions for makers of beers, wines and spirits.


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Health care

Lesaffre has always been intent on serving the well-being of living things and helping to better feed and care for the global population, while protecting the environment.
Human health and nutrition, animal health and nutrition, and plant nutrition are all strategic development areas for our group.

Lesaffre Human Care

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In the field of biotechnologies, Lesaffre develops efficient cellular nutrients reserved for the creation of new molecules to benefit humans and animals.
In parallel, our group also helps to create yeast strains that are conducive to the development of 1st and 2nd generation bioethanol. In the interest of promoting a sustainable economy, our group is equally active alongside biosourced chemistry industries.


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